Pharmaceutical Patents and the problem of market monopoly

In a recent decision the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (INPI) granted to the company Gilead the patent of the drug sofosbuvir, used in treatment for hepatitis C. The granting of this patent re-ignited a very old, but important discussion revolving the conflict between patents and competition problems, especially in this case where the patent […]

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APPLE was allowed to use the trademark IPHONE

The Superior Court of Justice has issued a decision regarding the use of the trademark IPHONE in Brazil. The Brazilian company Gradient has registered the trademark in Brazil 06 years before Apple. For this reason the Brazilian Trademark Office has rejected the trademark IPHONE for Apple in 2013. After that, both companies have started a […]

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10 proposals to improve the Intellectual Property system in Brazil.

As it is widely known Brazil is, currently in amidst its presidential election, possibly one of the most heated and controversial of our history. That being said, like all controversy there is hope for improvement, including in matters related to Intellectual Property. With the intention to promote a more in-depth discussion about the subject the […]

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What are the difficulties in implementing Data Protection policies?

The aftermath of passing of the GDPR in Europe (and of the Brazillian Law of Data Protection) seems to be a very dark and dreary place, full of uncertainties, what, in some sense, is completely understandable. However, before dreading is important to assess the situation and pinpoint what are the difficulties in implementing any Data […]

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Brazilian Congress approves Data Protection Law

On a session held on July, 10th, the Brazilian Congress approved the Project 53/2018, that stablish several rights and regulations regarding the use, and protection, of data. The law is inspired in the earlier versions of the European Union, being, in this sense, a little more lax than the GDPR, however, it represents an important […]

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When it will be over? The the comings and goings of Direct Unconstitutionality Action 4.234

In the Brazillian judicial system one of the most relevant pending matters, due to its economic and social relevance, is that of the articles 230 and 231 of the Law 9.2792/1996, regarding the so-called “patent pipelines”. In short, this articles allows that patents acquired in other countries could be directly applied to Brazil without an […]

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Peduti Lawyers – For the 2º consecutive year written in the Leaders League – Trademark Prosecution and indicated as Highly Recommended

It is with great joy that we announce that Peduti Advogados, for the 2nd consecutive year, was ranked at Leaders League – Trademark Prosecution, being Mrs. Laila dos Reis Araújo and Mr. Cesar Peduti F. indicated as Highly Recommended. We believe that this statement is the result of a lot of work, but mainly, it’s […]

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BPTO Seeks Improvement in the Patent Analysis Procedures

On May 15, 2018, it was initiated the work of an external consultancy that will evaluate the procedures involved in patent analysis by the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office), as well as the selection, training and evaluation mechanisms of its examiners. Such work has as goal to indicated the current issues and how they […]

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BPTO has announced the beginning of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot project with USPTO

On May, the BPTO announced that the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot project with USPTO will begin its second phase, which will be initiated on May 10 until April 30, 2020. The measure was published in the BPTO Gazette nº 2470 on May 8. The Patent Procurement Highway allows expedited examination of a patent application […]

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