Dispute of automotive giants Fiat, Ford and Volkswagen with independent auto parts manufacturers

The Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE) started to judge the case in which the National Association of Auto Parts Manufacturers (Anfape) accuses automakers Fiat, Ford and Volkswagen of anti-competitive behavior. The main focus of the discussion would be that automobile companies prevent independent manufacturers from producing spare parts such as bumpers, bodywork, headlights and […]

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Brazilian NGO sues Google in USA

Rio de Janeiro-based NGO AfroReggae has been suing Google since September 2016 for allegedly failing to give credit to the partnership that resulted in a project named Beyond the Map (Além do Mapa) – a series of 360-degree interactive videos showcasing the history of residents of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, launched just before […]

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Registering Contracts have become simpler in Brazil

In July, the resolution 70/2017 was published by Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO). In accordance with this new resolution, BPTO is not obliged to analyze the content of the contracts to register them. In Brazil, the registration of contracts in BPTO is mandatory in order to remit royalties to foreign companies. Prior to this […]

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Legal entities may now own EIRELI in Brazil

Up to now, only individuals could be owners of Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRELI) in Brazil. However, as of May 2017, legal entities may also hold EIRELIs, as provided in item 1.2 of Annex V of Normative Instruction 38/2017 of the Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI), published on 3 March 2017, and which […]

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Brazil: Still one of the preferable countries to where to extend IP rights?

According to the Central Bank of Brazil, for the first time in weeks, the expectative to the recovering of the economic activity is more optimistic in Brazil. The expected revelation of the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), on April, showed that the expected inflation for 2017 has decreased, since it changed from 4,06% to 4,04%. […]

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Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office will hire more examiners

With the purpose of stimulating management and improving its operating performance, Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) announced the convocation of 70 new public servants. 70 new public servants will be hired, being 50 for the position of Researcher in Industrial Property and 20 for the position of Technologist in Industrial Property. This measure is […]

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Patent registration row has 240,000 orders and delays can take 11 years in Brazil

The time to have a patent in Brazil can take up to 11 years, exactly, 11 years of waiting to have a response from a vital organ to the technological development of our country, to encourage innovation, to increase the investments of the initiative private sector, which would certainly increase employment and the social development. […]

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Intellectual property in textile and clothing industry in Brazil

A recent article published by Sergio M. P. de Carvalho, Marina F. Jorge, Vivian I. Barcelos, Felipe V. Lopes, Fernando L. de Assis, Vicente de S. C. Freitas and Gustavo T. P. da Silva, entitled “Use of patents, industrial designs and trademarks in the textile and clothing industry in Brazil” [available on] highlights that […]

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Signed on May 11, 2016, Decree No. 8.771 came to regulate Law No. 12.965 / 2014 (Brazilian Internet Act). This decree it’s about: Discrimination of data packets on the Internet and traffic degradation. Records and data protection by connecting providers and applications. Transparency in request registration information by the public administration. Inspection and investigation of […]

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Em publicação para a revista chilena LWYR, nosso advogado Felipe Barreto Veiga comentou sobre contratos de franquias no Brasil.

According to data from the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), the annual revenue of the Brazilian franchising sector exceeded R$ 103 billion in 2012, an amount almost four times higher than the R$ 28 billion generated by the sector in 2002. These are impressive figures but they clash against the new reality of this market: if […]

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