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It is important to connect some dots before we deliver the explanation about the case.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – ICANN it is a non-profit organization who basically works for the internet development and it is regulation. One of its incumbencies it is to regulate and give the exclusivity of domains names to it is applicants. 

Knowing that, in 2012, Amazon Corporation has applied for the domain .AMAZON before ICANN.ORG. The company request has got the attention of Latin American Governments, since AMAZON it is also how it is called one of some Latin countries (also world) biggest patrimony, the Amazon Forest.  

The government of Brazil and Peru (endorsed by Bolivia, Ecuador and Guyana) has presented a formal objection against the Company request, their main arguments sustain that AMAZON referred to their geographic region and should belong to them and the exclusivity of the domain should not be given to any company.

Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization – ACTO joined the Countries efforts  and arguments from both sides were presented during the long battle. ICANN has tried to reach a “mutually acceptable solution”, unfortunately, without success.

ICANN has finally decided, the decision gave to the company the right of the domain “.AMAZON”.

In the terms, the company has promised to not include in the domain name words with “a primary and well-recognized significance to the culture and heritage of the Amazonia region”.

Brazil’s foreign ministry commented ICANN’s decision:

“It is concerning that a decision by that entity fails to adequately consider the public interest identified by eight governments, in particular the need to defend the natural, cultural and symbolic heritage of the countries and peoples of the Amazon region”.

Lawyer Author of the Comment: Martin Abdelmalack
Headline: “Battle for the digital Amazon.”

“If you want to learn more about this topic, contact the author or the managing partner, Dr. Cesar Peduti Filho.”
“Se quiser saber mais sobre este tema, contate o autor ou o Dr. Cesar Peduti Filho.”

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