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According to the Central Bank of Brazil, for the first time in weeks, the expectative to the recovering of the economic activity is more optimistic in Brazil.

The expected revelation of the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), on April, showed that the expected inflation for 2017 has decreased, since it changed from 4,06% to 4,04%. After six weeks of instability, the prediction to 2017 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) changed from 0,40% to 0,43%, followed by the advance of the estimated industrial production that came out from 1,26% to 1,36%.

For 2018, the forecast is a continuous growing of 2,50% to the economic activity and to the industrial production.

This scenario lead us to think that the Brazilian market shall have back the attention of the international investors and, thereafter, keep Brazil among the preferable countries to where to extend IP rights.


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