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On a session held on July, 10th, the Brazilian Congress approved the Project 53/2018, that stablish several rights and regulations regarding the use, and protection, of data. The law is inspired in the earlier versions of the European Union, being, in this sense, a little more lax than the GDPR, however, it represents an important landmark in Brazilian history, since it was a theme without any regulamentation in Brazil.
That being said, several concepts and dispositions of the law are open to different interpretation and could lead to a judicial discussion of those dispositions, nevertheless, the existence of a regulamentation is important to prevent any judicial interference outside of the scope of the legislation, or any instance of judicial activism, which ensures a higher degree of legal certainty.

Lawyer Comment Author: Luciano Del Monaco

Headline: Projeto de lei geral de proteção de dados pessoais é aprovado no Senado

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