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INPI released this month the preliminary activity report for 2018, and compared the results of this year with previous years.

The highlight of the report is the reduction of the stock of requests (backlog), which went from 358 thousand to 189 thousand, a decrease of 47%. This result is even more significant when we consider the 10% increase for new registration applications.

The number of administrative decisions (deferments, rejections and filings) for trademarks had a 45% increase, compared to last year. Considering this increase in the number of decisions, the waiting time to obtain the registration of a trademark, considering that it will not suffer opposition, went from 24 months to only 12 months.

In this current pace, we can expect the INPI to match international institutes time of deferment in a few years.

Lawyer Author of the Comment: Vittória Cariatti Lazarini


Headline: INPI registra alta em decisões e queda em estoque de pedidos em 2018

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