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The European Commission, an institution of the European Union responsible essentially for proposing legislation, implementing decisions and upholding the EU treaties, has recently approved a Geographical Indication for the Irish Whiskey (or, as the irish language name, “uisce beatha Eireannach”).

Now, with this Geographical Indication, the methods of producing this distilled alcoholic beverage are protected and only the distilleries that respect those technical specifications for producing can sell their products as authentic Irish Whiskeys.

The requirement had been submitted by the irish government in October 2014 and englobe the geographical area of the entire island of Ireland, including consequently the Northern Ireland, in the United Kingdom.

In Brazil, the Geographical Indications are registered by the National Institute of Industrial Property, which, in addition to being responsible for the registration of trademarks, patents and software, also analyses Geographical Indications.

Furthermore, it is important to note the impact of the recent agreement signed between MERCOSUR and the EUROPEAN UNION regarding Geographical Indications, as a consequence of a major Free Trade Agreement. Through this Agreement, there will be an acceleration of the registration of the Brazilian Geographical Indications in Europe, as well as of numerous European Geographical Indications in Brazil.

Recently, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – BPTO published a list of 347 European Geographical Indications, opening a deadline for the manifestation of interested third parties. In this sense, it is important to note the difficulty of registering certain European Geographical Indications in Brazil, due to the dilution of some distinctive signs, which, over the years, have become synonymous of some product genres.

Lawyer Author of the Comment: Rodrigo Britto V. Albergaria
Headline: “EU grants Irish whiskey GI”

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