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On February, the BPTO announced the index of achievement of goals establish on 2017 Action Plan as well as the 2018 Action Plan.

The BPTO has surpassed nine of the ten operational goals related to the industrial property application examination activities defined in the 2017 Action Plan. The 2017 Action Plan had an overall 87% execution rate, indicating a high compliance to the establish goals.

Among the completed goals are the adoption of guidelines for the examination of patents in the chemistry field, new cooperation agreements, changes in procedures to expedite the examination of trademarks applications and the signature of a technical cooperation project with the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI) and the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), which had provided R$40 million in investment to the BPTO.

The 2018 Action Plan has as principal goals the decrease of the patent backlog and the preparation of the BPTO to adopt the Madrid Protocol.

On the aspect of the decrease of the patent backlog, the BPTO hope to adopt extraordinary measures as well as structure measures in order to be able to deal with the current patent applications and to be able to prevent that a new backlog occur.

The 2018 Action Plan has been well received, including by the National Industry Confederation (CNI) that has showed disposition to cooperate with the BPTO to promote the efficiency of the Brazilian intellectual property system.

Lawyer Author of the Commentary: Natália Nogueira dos Santos


Headline: “INPI Releases Final Implementation Index of the 2017 Action Plan” / “CNI Highlights Support for INPI’s 2018 Action Plan”

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