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We have a broad scope of action in several areas of Intellectual Property, including contentious and consultative action

Our Certifications

We have the recognition of national and international bodies, and publications specialised in the legal area

About Us

We are a specialised office in the area of intellectual property, entertainment and information technology. With 40 years of tradition, our performance results from the standards of excellence of its practice, expertise and knowledge of our team of professionals.

Associations in Which We Are a Member:


National Recognition in Law Firm Analysis 500


We appeared in the largest and most relevant survey of the Brazilian legal market that identifies the most admired law firms and lawyers in the country.

Our Team of Professionals

  • Cesar Peduti Filho
    Cesar Peduti Filho Managing partner
    • Laila dos Reis Araújo
      Laila dos Reis Araújo Senior Associate – Head of the International Department
      • Pedro Zardo Junior
        Pedro Zardo Junior Senior Associate – Head of the Litigation Team
        • Adriana Garcia da Silva
          Adriana Garcia da Silva Associate
          • Rafael Bruno Jacintho de Almeida
            Rafael Bruno Jacintho de Almeida Associate
            • Luciano Del Monaco
              Luciano Del Monaco Associate
              • Vittória Cariatti Lazarini
                Vittória Cariatti Lazarini Junior Associate
                • Beatriz Narciso de Oliveira
                  Beatriz Narciso de Oliveira Junior Associate
                  • Mário Sérgio Cardim Neto
                    Mário Sérgio Cardim Neto Economist – Consultant in evaluation of IP assets
                    • Sidirley Fabiani
                      Sidirley Fabiani Consultant in technological innovation management
                      • Paula Santos e Silva
                        Paula Santos e Silva Chemical Engineer
                        • Hermínia Leitão Mendes
                          Hermínia Leitão Mendes Production Engineer

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                          R. Ten. Negrão, 140
                          Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP, Brazil

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