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When a trademark application is filed in Brazil, the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (BPTO) publishes the application and so that third parties can file opposition within 60 days. 

Afterwards, the opposition is published on the Brazilian and Trademark Gazette and the owner has 60 days to respond to it. 

Finally, the BPTO analyzes the opposition and the trademark application. At this point, the BPTO can issue office actions or issue a decision approving or rejecting the application. 

Differently of from other countries, like USA, China and European Union, where the formal and substantive examination are conducted before the opposition period, in Brazil the BPTO firstly performs the formal examination and then publishes for opposition purposes. After this procedure, the Office conducts the substantive examination, followed by the final decision. 

The opposition procedure on trademark applications in Brazil

It is important to be aware of this information, mainly, when filing a trademark application through the Madrid Protocol. The BPTO notifies the owner through WIPO when an office action or a final decision is issued. However, oppositions are not included in WIPO’s notification system, and applicants will be only notified through the National Gazette. 

So, in case the trademark owner does not have a local agent, he may not be informed about the opposition and, consequently, may not have the opportunity to respond to it. Therefore, the trademark application will be examined – and maybe rejected – based only on the opposition arguments. 

If the owner is interested in having a trademark registered in Brazil through Madrid Protocol, hiring a local agent to monitor the application shall be taken into consideration. 

If you have any question regarding oppositions procedures in Brazil, feel free to contact Peduti Advogados.

Author: Laila dos Reis Araujo , Associate Lawyer at Peduti Advogados.

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