Anti-piracy measures

It is essential to warn that piracy is still considered the crime of the century, as INTERPOL has classed it.


It happens given society in general shares the perilous feeling of dismay over the survival of those who trade in pirate products, rising a certain leniency of legislators who are on the sidelines of the discussions. Another reason is the low enforceability of penalties by the judiciary that does not face the situation clearly and effectively, all driven by the human need to consume the fashion product, the brand, the most expensive model, without noting that the original brands have products for all budgets and tastes.


This scenario provides an ecosystem conducive to high profits to true international criminal associations. The profits come from copies of products from companies that are dedicated to innovating and bringing high quality products to their customers.


This illegality is not only related to the companies’ intellectual property rights, but also violates slave labor laws, fails to collect taxes, does not respect regulatory laws and cares little about consumers and their health.


Clearly, while it may seem advantageous to purchase an illegal product for its similarity at a reduced price, the very low quality pirate product not only affects the intellectual property owner, but also the one who buys it, who is in real collusion with organized crime.


Given the issues above, industrial property rights holders feel the need to take effective measures to alleviate the damages and consequences from the pirated products. These measures start from educating their own consumers through marketing campaigns, and go to hiring professionals prepared to identify and prosecute offenders, either in the civil sphere, through the use of abstention and indemnity actions, or by criminal means so that the perpetrators are properly reprimanded for their reckless conduct to the interests of society in general.

Therefore, it is important to hire professionals specialized in Intellectual Property and make sure that another step against piracy has been taken by you.

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