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Intellectual property is a high-level issue on a globalized world. In the past, companies and individuals concentrated their assets in physical properties. However, the development of new technologies and their massive spread on a global scale has changed everything on an irreversible basis. Therefore, national and foreign companies are increasing their value based on intangible and intellectual property assets.‏

This paradigm shift brought a recurring concern with intellectual property. Nevertheless, due to the specificity of this branch of law as well as the high costs and the difficulty for the development of this area of practice on full service law firms, we offer a service of strategic alliance to suppress this demand and deliver to your clients a service of excellence in intellectual property field.

We are associated with Redejur – Corporate Law Firms Association, a civil non-profit association comprised by law firms with offices located in the capitals and major cities in Brazil and associates abroad, offering a quality service to its clients in all cities in Brazil, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Since 2003, Redejur aims to offer to its associated law firms the necessary support for the proper exercise of corporate law, encouraging qualification and the practice of integrated actions, promoting scientific and legal exchanges and encouraging studies in areas related to corporate law.

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