Sidirley Fabiani Consultant in technological innovation management

Founding partner of Gestiona Engenharia Ltda. Executive Director of PwC (PricewhitehouseCoopers) in Research, Development and Innovation (RD & I). Researcher and Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at FEA-USP. Speaker “in company”, conferences and associations in the Innovation area, member of several Thematic Committees on Innovation in associations like ANPEI,Abendi, CIC etc. For over 10 years has been active as a consultant in the areas of Innovation and Knowledge Management, Project Management and Tax Incentives on Technological Innovation (RD & I) – Old PDTI / PDTA replaced in 2005/2006 by the current “Good Law”, given hundreds of leading companies in their respective markets in sectors such as agribusiness, food, consumer goods, construction, electronics, pharmaceutical, mechanical and transport, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, software, telecommunications, textile etc. He served as financial advisor in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) and financial restructuring for Information and Communication Technology companies (ICT). It also has experience in the areas of Production Planning and Control, Continuous Improvement and Quality in multinational industries.

Academic Qualifications:

Production Engineering – POLI-USP

Specializing in mathematical modeling – ITA

Business Administration – FEA-USP

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