Data Protection and Privacy

The enactment and enforceability of the General Data Protection Act is an important milestone that consolidates many propositions aimed at continually improving information security through the adoption of standards, policies and procedures, contractual risk mitigation practices, and others. Ultimately to increase the systemic reliability of the market.

Concerns about operational risks arising from legal disconformity is today a factor of change in corporate culture that is reflected in all aspects of business in the search for greater traceability of decision-making processes.

Addressing compliance issues with data protection and privacy laws, Peduti Advogados offers expert legal advice on LGPD compliance projects, including:

Legal opinions and assessments regarding regulation applicable to the client and/or area of business (EU – General Data Protection Regulation and/or General Law of Protection of Personal Data of Brasil);

  • Internal data flow mapping with identification of motivation and processing registration points.
  • Gap analysis;
  • Guidance in the elaboration of technological policies and procedures regarding the collection, storage, processing and management of user data;
  • Write response patterns to data subject queries;
  • Legal opinions for the support of process’s motivation;

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